Ural Music Camp is more than educational project. It's an ever-growing community of music industry professionals from around the world who work together to develop the creative economy in Urals. Ural Music Camp team cooperates with graduates of the Pop Academy of Baden-Württemberg to develop a creative economy in the Urals.
What is the creative economy and what does this have to do with the Ural Music Camp?

The team of the Ural Music Camp works with the graduates of Pop Academy of Baden-Württemberg. Together we develop creative economy in the Urals.

The creative industries sector takes the fourth place by the size of gross added value in the economy. Today in Germany are 250 000 creative companies, 1.5 million people are involved in the industry.

Pop Academy of Baden-Württemberg was founded in 2003 in Mannheim and has been training the specialists in pop music and music industries. Its activity is a classic example of what effect may have creative industries on the urban development. Thanks to system approach previously depressed district of Manheim, Jungbusch, turned into place where residents and visitors of the city aim to get there. Pop Academy and music cluster attract institutional and private investments.
Natalia Shmelkova, coordinator of the project.
How the project developed
The experience. January 2018
At the beginning of 2018 organizing committee of Ural Music Night Festival and representatives of Friedrich Ebert Foundation invited 5 musicians who never met before.

They made a super band in five days named Potato Boom.

5 musicians
Who have never met before
4 tutors
Graduates of Pop Academy of Baden-Württemberg
5 days
To create new tracks
The music band had an aim to record one song
The next stage is to make this song popular and commercially successful.
The musicians spent their first days in the rehearsal room. Thankfully to the graduates of Pop Academy of Baden-Württemberg (Stefan Wandel, Alexander Braunbart, Rutger Martens and Ivo Sсhot), the project participants found common ground. They also selected a rock composition and a dance song from the five new tracks which they came up with.
Within next days Potato Boom were working in sound recording studio.

During the training, the musicians were attending workshops and were working at the rehearsal base RecTime. They learned how to encourage teamwork in a music band, write songs and instrumental sessions; listened to lectures on the work of European music publications, detailed the process of promoting the track and the band in the social media and social networks.

In addition to the theoretical part, the musicians were doing homework and received feedback from the tutors.
For a week five musicians of different age and different background were making music only and recorded 2 singles.
Participants' feedback
Potato Boom presented a single at the Bolshoy Department Store at a joint concert with bands SUiT and Blues Bastards.
The experience. June 2018
The launch of the first music camp in Ural. The organisers expends January project and invited 50 students from different Russian cities.

50 musicians
From 12 Russian cities
6 tutors
From Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Denmark
7 days
To present tracks at the Ural Music Night Festival
The participants of the project were divided into 3 directions
Music group, producers and music business.
Every day music groups were rehearsing their crerative material, electronic musicians and producers were making new tracks and students of the direction called music business were participating in workshops and were making their own projects.

Futhermore, every participant could jam, create new melodies, rehearse new texts of the songs during public events.
Students created several music groups, lead by songwriters. Together with electronic producers they presented their songs on the stage and representatives of music business signed "contracts" with musicians for the further work.

Every day in the camp were conducting master classes where speakers were talking about creation of the hits, promotion in social networks, booking and touring, life of DJs, vocal skills, organisation of musical festivals.

Musicians presented their tracks on the venue of the Ural Music Camp in the program of the Ural Music Night Festival. SUiT, a tutor group, has become the headliner of the stage. The concert was attended by more than 3000 people.
Musicians presented their tracks on the venue of the Ural Music Camp in the program of the Ural Music Night Festival. SUiT, a tutor group, has become the headliner of the stage. The concert was attended by more than 3000 people.
Participants' feedback
After the end of the project, the participants of Ural Music Camp organized a tour of the German-Dutch group Disco Dicks.