The organizing team of «Music Night»
opens the music camp.
The creators of Ural Music Night, an extensive festival, launch a new side-project – Ural Music Camp. The main idea of the experiment is to get previously 50 unacquainted musicians together and get out of the city to make music all 6 days.
Students will create songs, play and promote commercially successful music. They also will know about creative and music economy from experts.

After the trainning the participants of the project will perform on the special stage of Ural Music Night. The program of this venue will consist only of tracks that the musicians will write.

Сoncurrently an open program for all-comers will take place in Yekaterinburg:a series of lectures about music industry during which international-level experts will teach audience the basics of music promotion.

Participating in Ural Music Camp is free of charge, expenses for accommodation, meals, education and local transfers are covered by organizers. Applications from musicians are accepded from 9 April till 14 May 2018.

The organizing team already has an experience in running such a project: in January 2018 they set up a new band within days, that had to record a new track and learn how to promote it.

That is how a new super band, Potato Boom, was created. Musicians presented their single in Bolshoy mall at the collaborative concert with SUiT (Germany) and Blue Bastards(Yekaterinburg) bands.
The project is supported with the Presidential Grants Fund and the Moscow branch of Germany's Friedrich-Ebert Foundation.