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Part A (obligatory): Full name
Part A (obligatory): Date of birth
Part A (obligatory): Place of residence
Part A (obligatory): English language level
Part A (obligatory): Which part of the camp do you want to attend to? (Choose only one)
Part B (Music Business people move to Part C). Main Musical Instrument: (choose only one)
Part B. Do you play other musical instruments? Which ones?
Part B. Do you write own Songs? Do you produce or mix music?
Part B. Do you possess your own instrument?
Part B. Have you attended any music educational program? (studies / private lessons / workshops etc.)
Part B. Links to videos of your performances (2-3 videos)
Part B. Do you have any experience in Music Business / Music Management? If so, tell us shortly about it.
Part C (only for Music Business people). Are you already working in fields of Music Business? – Hand in a short business biography about your experience in and knowledge of (Music) Business or Creative Economy
Part C. What are your short-term / mid-term / long-term goals in Music Business?
Part C. What are you most interested in learning about the music industry?
Part D (Final Part, obligatory). Please complete the sentence
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