Experience. January 2018
In the beginning of 2018 organizers of the Ural Music Night and representatives of Friedrich Ebert Foundation united five musicians who had not known each other before. It took them five days to create a super band Potato Boom.

5 musicians
strangers to each other
4 tutors
Baden-Württemberg pop-academy graduates
5 days
to create new songs
Band had a task: to record one song
The next step - to make this song popular and commercially successful.
First few days musicians spent in their rehearsal rooms.
Thanks to the graduates of the Baden-Württemberg pop-academy (Stefan Wandel, Alexander Braunbarth, Rutger Martens and Ivo Schot), project participants established communication in the band and made five songs. Then they selected two songs: a rock composition and a dance song.
Next days Potato Boom spent working in the recording studio.
In the period of education musicians had workshops and they had rehearsals at RecTime base. They learnt how to work in a team when you are a part of a music band and how to write songs and hold jam sessions. They had lectures on how European music labels function and they studied in details the process of promoting a song and a band in mass media and social networks.
Musicians had not only theory. They also did their homework and got a feedback from their tutors.
Five musicians of different age and backgrounds were living in nothing but music for one week. And as the result they had two singles.
Participants feedback
In the joint concert the band Potato Boom presented their single in the "Bolshoy" mall with SUiT and Blues Bastards.