Experience. June 2019
Second flow of the Ural Music Camp. Participants meet at the hotel Angelo by Vienna House with runway view of Koltsovo airport.

50 musicians
from Russian cities and abroad
+ 2 new tutors
Louis (Denmark) and La Cris (Spain)
1 tour
Finalists went on tour though Russia
Participants created five bands
On the first day of the project, after meeting tutors and each other, participants united in five music bands.

They had to work on new compositions, sound design and stage mastery teaching, creating the concept of team-building and the programm of its promotion. Rehearsals took place on one of the best recording studios in Ekaterinburg - Octopus.
The tutors crew has increased: Louis Puggaard-Müller, choreography and vocal teacher, and La Cris, an electronic musician, have joined the team.
After a week of an intensive course, students bands The Dark Cakes, SMTH, Louis`s Angels, MAMA and PillsMe performed with a final concert at Dom Pechati. Spectators chose a finalist - band MAMA.

According to the project rules, that gband went on tour though Russia (Kazan - Nizhniy Novgorod - Moscow) accompanied by tutors: SUiT (Germany), Disco Dicks (Holland), Subterranean Street Society (Denmark) and La Cris (Spain).

The tour end point was Ekaterinburg and the perfomance of MAMA at Ural Music Night Festival.
In the second flow of Ural Music Camp, the project finalists went on a road tour though Russia accompanied by tutors. These were guys from music band MAMA that combined overloaded drums with massive synths, ultravocal and rich guitar riffs.
Participants feedback