Ural Music Camp
The Summer camp
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Here you'll be taught to create music and lyrics and to promote it all over the world. The participation is free of charge. Registration required.
Camp Graduates will perform on stage at Ural Music Night 2018 festival
Participants of Ural music camp will perform, rehearse, write music and lyrics.Under the supervision of experts they will learn to promote their music and bands in mass media and social networks.

The musicians will perform their songs on a special stage of Ural Music Night.
«In the framework of the main program we'll have 50 students, 10 experts from Germany and Russia, 3 rehearsal rooms, 2 stages and only 6 days to record a marketable track. And in the framework of the open program we'll have 8 lectures for the general public».

Natalia Shmelkova, project coordinator.
The students will get practical knowledge about musical industry
For one whole week it is all about the music
The Objective of Ural Music Camp is to teach the participants to be a band and to make their music popular all over the globe.
Every day of the camp will be filled with rehearsals, workshops, having fun and meeting new interesting people
We will create, play, record, sing and perform on stage.
We will teach you to work professionally with any music instruments. Available directions: guitar(s), bass guitar, vocals,drums, keyboards.
We will go through music business in Russia and Europe, copyright, music concept, organization of music tours.
Fun crowd
Camp students are totally different people from Russia and neighboring countries. They write conceptual electronic music, jam rock'n'roll, organize and promote concerts and look for new acquaintances and creative projects.
The experts are the Ural Music Night Organizing Committee and professors of pop academy from Baden-Würtemberg, Germany. They will show you how to earn money with your music and will teach students how to create music in different popular genres:hip-hop, techno, electronic music, pop, indie.
Max yourself out and make music
Register now and become a participant. Feel free to ask us anything in the social networks.